The winter is mostly very quiet, but we have events that are worth noticing.

“The days of darkness” festival is held in November, when we celebrate the darkness with varied events all over the east region.

In December, it’s all about Christmas. A christmas buffet, christmas carols, shopping etc…..

Thorri starts in late January with the farmers day, then we celebrate with our traditional event; Thorrablót. Where traditional food like rotten shark, sour ram testicles, sheep heads, dried fish, pickled herring and more is on the menu. The towns chronicle is put on stage by the locals and then they dance until dawn. This tradition comes originally from paganism, but the only thing it has in common with the ancient tradition is the food. The today’s Thorrablót is more like a gala dinner with a splash of the ancient tradition.

In February it’s the art festival “List í ljósi” which is the highlight. Artist from all around the world comes to town to take part in this very unique and beautiful festival. See their web page here.

List í ljósi is also a homage to the return of the sun to the fjord. In Seydisfjordur we don’t see the sun from November until late February. The tradition how ever is to have a sun coffee (sólarkaffi) at home, which is coffee and pancakes with rhubarb jam and whipped cream.

Here are some photos from List í ljósi festival 2017, by Ómar Bogason.